So last week seen us open our very busy wedding season with Ricky and Pepi Campbell’s special day. It was nice to go back to the home of the Demons (Kaikorai RFC) for a wedding …. and what a beautiful wedding it was. The amazing agia that helped to dress the club rooms and decorate the tables done an amazing job, you wouldn’t think it was used for rugby toting players and supporters when they had finished. With a head table of 23 (definitely the biggest I’ve ever done) it was a night to remember … from the arrival of the bridal party in escorts burning up Lyn street, to Pepi who looked so beautiful, her bridesmaids in stunning jet black and Ricky and his groomsmen looked very handsome. We provided a delicious buffet of slow roasted beef, roasted chicken with chef gordon’s delicious stuffing, classic potato and celery salad (with a bb twist), macaroni salad etc and for dessert some yummy meringue cakes, chocolate cake and wedding cake with ice cream. And then the dancing began to some great sounds from DJ Blair Ingram. Thanks Ricky and Pepi for allowing us to be part of your day.

The Thursday before this we catered to a Property Management event held by OCTA in the old Garrison Hall. Well this was first, we definitely were in the bowels of the building … Garrison hall is where Taylor Made Productions made Play School (for those who remember cos none of my staff did) but they have just started to pull all that gear out and OMG what an amazing building the rock walls, the stables and listening to the talk on the history of the building was fantastic it is amazing what we rely on now days for building and back then EVERYTHING was done by hand








So what’s next … well last night we were at Orokonui and this weekend we head back to the Otago museum but more on that next week

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