Check the venue availability

be prepared … the most popular or cheapest venues can sometimes be booked out years in advance, having a preferred and back up venue is always good



what date to choose?

asking for advice on wedding dates can be overwhelming .. nice to get a bit of advice but in the end it’s yours and your fiancé’s decision, make it special for you

maybe check with those closest and dearest to you who are definitely coming if there are any conflicts … would hate for duck season to get in the way!

best season

What was the weather like last year?  How reliant is the weather in the region?  Could you do an outdoor ceremony?  Garden BBQ or marquee reception?  Do u have a back up plan?

Wedding season in New Zealand is typically September to March but in the last few years the seasons seemed to have moved  starting later and going into May.

Getting married out of season could possible save $$ but if you are marrying in Dunedin it doesn’t matter the season you choose you need to make sure you have a back up plan

Conflicting events

is there something happening in your area that may conflict with your plans

do you need to prebook accommodation for out of town guests, is there parking around your venue, do you need to hire a bus

long weekends vs non-holiday weekends – most events will happen around a public holiday but long weekends are good to have extra time to catch up with guests that are travelling

let people know as soon as you have selected a date – especially people who need to travel

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